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Radio Maria promotional letter copy

Placing the cursor with your mouse at the first word "Your" below, block in all the text. Then click on EDIT/COPY and then you can EDIT/PASTE the text into your word processing software.

Your help is needed to bring CATHOLIC RADIO to Baton Rouge. “Radio Maria” is an existing Catholic Radio network that is broadcasting to 5 locations in Louisiana and Texas with programs such as the Rosary, Mass, Talks, and Music. Why not in Baton Rouge, too? Proof of interest is needed before Radio Maria will consider adding a station in our area. If interested, please send an email to: to let them know that you would like for them to add a radio station in Baton Rouge. Suggested Subject Line for your message: “Yes to Radio Maria in Baton Rouge.” For those without email, write to: Radio Maria, 601 Washington St, Alexandria, LA 71301. Thanks and May God bless.

Thanks, David